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•Feature Film and Independent Projects

•Television and Video

•Award Ceremonies

•Still and Product Photography

•Promotion / Advertising / Launches

•Corporate Events / Store Openings


•Anniversary and Celebrations

•Theatre and Gala Arrivals

•Tented Exhibitions


  • All cars are fully restored to like new conditions

  • All cars are fully detailed and delivered in show condition

  • Passengers are granted full use of the car’s onboard audio system to play your own supplied disc or iphone/ipod/etc..

  • Traditional Rear window writing of any announcement for the post-ceremony that may be carried out by the driver or the marker pen can be offered to one or more in the gathering to custom draw an inscription. 

  • Traditional white ribbons strung with tin cans can be fastened from the rear bumper guards or ribbons can be fastened to the rear exterior door handles if desired.  

  • Overtime of 25 minutes (and oftentimes longer) is absorbed in the established rate.

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